It is our vision to seek new opportunities and ways to grow our business ensuring that our customers share in our progress and success.

Poxytech is a manufacturer of several innovative wear and impact resistant epoxy products using a unique blend of resins that is more environment and user friendly, flameproof and suitable for underground applications.

Poxytech products does not contain Polyurethane co-polymers that release Hydrogen cyanide above 800 ° C which is highly toxic to humans and the environment.

Poxytech products bio-degrade easier than Polyurethane co-polymers used by other manufacturers in the industry of similar products.

Poxytech epoxy ceramic linings contains various alumina fillers and alumina beads that withstand high abrasion and impact.


Conveyor pulleys
Chutes, launders, underflow pans
Pipe linings (New and worn pipes)
Pump casings, valve bodies
Thickeners, agitators
Tank linings and other abrasive and impact applications

Poxytech is a South African based company exporting premium epoxy ceramic products, crusher backing and other epoxy products internationally.

It is therefore our mission to supply our clients with the highest quality products, guaranteeing extended production, ensuring maximum possible saving on equipment and labour.

Poxytech serve their clients in the Mining, Petrochemical, Electricity, Engineering and other segments of the industry.

Poxytech is the obvious choice for all your abrasion, impact and lining requirements.

Poxytech is fully equipped to apply linings on site or at our factory.


Poxypaste S101 Trowlable epoxy ceramic wearing compound
Poxypaste S102 High wear epoxy ceramic wearing compound
Poxypaste S104 Fast cure epoxy ceramic wearing compound
Poxypaste S105 Pipelining epoxy ceramic wearing compound
Poxyback H302. Heavy duty crusher backing
Poxyback S301 Standard crusher backing
Poxytech Tile adhesive
Poxytech Impact Grid
Ceramic tile linings

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